This section is about employing people, finding new staff and volunteers, getting them started, supervising and managing them. The workers (both paid and voluntary) of an organisation are often its main assets, as essential to the smooth running of the organisation as having the right equipment or property. The section also has information about managing the people in the organisation, as well as participants in the activities we run. This includes managing bullying, complaints, making services fair and accessible, as well as protecting children from abuse.


This section contains information in relation to:

    • Finding New Staff – this section gives details on how to find, select and screen both paid and volunteer staff. It includes sample Position Descriptions for some of the jobs that a small organisation would typically have.
    • Orientation – this section helps with settling in new staff and with information about the important things they need to know as soon as they start.
    • Recognising and Awarding Volunteers – this section has resources and advice to help keep your volunteers and give them the support and recognition they deserve, including a list of official awards they can be nominated for. 
    • Training Staff – this section has links and resources to help you find training for all staff in the organisation.
    • Managing Behaviour – this section has resources and ideas for complaints and grievance policies, access and equity and child protection.
    • Access and Equity – this section has information in relation to finding and removing barriers that prevent people from knowing, using and participating in a service that they want to use