Running an Organisation

The organisations section of the this toolkit has information to help you with the following:

    • Defining Clubs, Associations and Businesses – this section is designed to help you understand the way that community sports clubs, community committees and services are set up.
    • Running Meetings – with details about how to run meetings, including handy help sheets you can print and take along to meetings.
    • Managing Money – with information and templates to make it easy to understand and keep track of the money in your projects.
    • Funding – with information and links about how to get money for your projects.
    • Managing Paperwork – with information to help you keep the paperwork under control.
    • Confidentiality – this section explains how to keep information confidential, and why we need to do this.
    • Insurance – a brief introduction to insurance, with links to more information.
    • Work Health and Safety – this section gives you an introduction to keeping your workplace safe, with templates and links to more information.
    • Child Protection – with information about keeping your workplace safe for children, free of abuse, including templates and links to more information.
    • Handling Complaints and Grievances – with details on how to handle those difficult issues raised by services users.