Quick Downloads


Slideshow – Child Protection (207 KB)
Slideshow – Privacy and Confidentiality (219 KB)
Slideshow – WHS (354 KB)

Handout – Child Protection (142 KB)
Handout – Privacy and Confidentiality (107 KB)
Handout – WHS (509 KB)

Induction Check – Child Protection (12 KB)
Induction Check – Privacy and Confidentiality (27 KB)
Induction Check – WHS (12 KB)

Running Activities and Events

6 Month Planner (39 KB)
Activity Evaluation Form (61 KB)
Attendance Sheet (64 KB)
Certificate of Appreciation (28 KB)
Daily Running Sheet (28 KB)
Medical Consent (62 KB)
Weekly Running Report (55 KB)

Staff and Volunteers

Sample position descriptions:
Position Description – Activities Worker (43 KB)
Position Description – Administrative Worker (37 KB)
Position Description – Case Client Worker (39 KB)
Position Description – Volunteer Coordinator (39 KB)

Forms to help with employees:
Certificate of Appreciation (28 KB)
Reference Check (32 KB)
Supervisor’s Induction Checklist (97 KB)

Forms to help you keep track of staff or deal with problem behaviours:
Resolving Behaviour Issues (35 KB)
Daily Running Sheet (28 KB)
Resolving Performance Issues (35 KB)

Running the Organisation

Work Health and Safety related downloads:
Fact Sheet – Checklist for Employers 
 (128 KB)
OHS Inspection Summary (89 KB)
OHS Inspection Summary Sample (128 KB)
OHS Risk Priority Chart (28 KB)

Downloads to help supervisors check that new employees have been inducted:
Certificate of Appreciation (28 KB)
Reference Check (32 KB)
Supervisor’s Induction Checklist (97 KB)

Downloads to help with planning (and a help sheet that shows how to use them):
2 Year Organisational Planner (213 KB)
4 Year Organisation Planner (155 KB)
6 Month Planner (39 KB)
Help Sheet – Using the Project Planner (142 KB)

Downloads to help with budgeting:
Annual Budget (347 KB)
Help Sheet – Creating a Budget (60 KB)
Help Sheet – Understanding a Balance Sheet (22 KB)
Help Sheet – Understanding the Expenditure Sheet (392 KB)
One Month Budget (62 KB)

Downloads to help run meetings:
Blank Agenda (20 KB)

Blank Minutes (28 KB)
Blank Minutes with Action List (55 KB)
Help Sheet – Alternative Minute Taking (86 KB)
Help Sheet – Chairman’s Meeting Procedure (43 KB)
Help Sheet – Minute Taking (19 KB)

Downloads to help keep track of things:
Assets Register (102 KB)
Vehicle Logbook (13 KB)
Volunteer and Staff Address List (2 MB)

A sample code of conduct:
Code Of Conduct (PCYC) (18 KB)

Succession Planning

Table – Club Position (36 KB)
Worksheet – Critical Position (33 KB)
Worksheet – Expected Vacancy (34 KB)
Table – Performance Indicator (37 KB)
Table – Possible Challenges for Succession Planning (30 KB)
Sample Volunteer Development Targets (41 KB)
Template – Succession Plan (133 KB)
Succession Planning for Sports Clubs (275 KB)
Audit Volunteer Skills (33 KB)
Table – Volunteer Skills (34 KB)

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Running Programs




Sample Policies

Sample policies have not been included in this toolkit for a number of reasons:

One is that policies should be based on up-to-date laws and information as well as the organisation or club’s own attitudes. Firstly when laws change, polices become out of date very quickly and since it is expected that this toolkit will be used for many years to come the decision was made to link policies that can be kept up to date online.

Secondly, others have already done this quite well, so it makes sense to link to their collections. Many services have found that the following websites’ sample policies have enough detail to help their boards set up their own policies to suit the organisation’s needs.

Tri Community Exchange has provided its policies – http://www.tricomm.org.au/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=95&Itemid=85

Our Community, a company set up to support community organisations, has a ‘policy bank’ of sample policies for organisations of all sizes – http://www.ourcommunity.com.au/boards/boards_article.jsp?articleId=1453#